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What we've been doing
On the uplands of Exmoor drainage ditches have been dug across the moorland for a variety of reasons and over many decades.

The focus of the Exmoor Mires Project is to block drainage ditches using sustainable methods, local materials and local contractors in order to 're-wet' the bog, enabling it to retain water and carbon.

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What's happening now?
2000ha is the target area of moorland to be restored on Exmoor.

Since 2010 the project has achieved:

  • Total area surveyed = 3,362ha
  • Total ditch length surveyed = 246,590m
  • Total area restored = 1019ha
  • Total ditch length blocked = 99,097m
  • Total number of ditch blocks = 10,546

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Why are we doing it?
Worldwide peatlands are huge carbon stores, but damaged areas release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through oxidation processes.

 Blocking up drainage ditches on the moorland will help to re-wet the peat and promote the bog grasses and mosses once again. There are many benefits to this work.

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