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image depicting Farmer Andrew Jones with his new cattle barn and slurry store
Farmer Andrew Jones with his new cattle barn and slurry store
Above all, Upstream Thinking is about people.

Whether farmer, farm adviser, wildlife conservationist a water company  customer or someone who enjoys the countryside for recreation, the benefits of Upstream Thinking are there for all.

The success of the programme is based on strong relationships between farmers and farm advisors. Farmer Andrew Jones, from Launceston, said: "It really helped that Ross is a farmer himself so we were able to discuss the issues in detail, farmer to farmer."

Farm advisors are often farmers themselves
Jan Farm advice Drift P.Warman
CWT Farm advisor Jan DinsdaleWRT farm advisor Ross Cherrington with farmer Andrew Jones

Who are the Upstream Thinking partners?

Upstream Thinking is  a partnership of South West Water, the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, the Devon Wildlife Trust, the Westcountry Rivers Trust and the Exmoor National Park Authority.

Who else is supporting Upstream Thinking?

It is supported by the National Farmers Union, the Environment Agency, Natural England and the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group.

Paul Cottington, Environment Adviser for the National Farmers Union in the South West, said: "Farmers across the South West are recognising that the land they farm provides multiple services for society, including clean water, and they are investing time and money in measures like these that will help protect water sources for the future."

The Exmoor Mires Partnershipis supported by local landowners, the Environment Agency, Natural England, English Heritage and the Exmoor National Park Authority. It also has help from local volunteers.

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