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image depicting Buffer strip Roadford
Buffer strip Roadford
Where there's water there's life, as the saying goes.

But by artificially separating how we manage the land from how we look after our rivers, the health of the wildlife that depends on the rivers can suffer.

Catchment management is all about managing land and water in harmony. And if we do this, wildlife can begin to recover.

For example, one change we recommend is to introduce 'buffer strips' next to rivers to filter run-off and clean it before it runs into the watercourse.

Buffer strips can be planted with nectar-rich plants, which bees, butterflies and birds appreciate. Fish and invertebrates are more likely to breed and thrive in the cleaner water, providing food for otters and kingfishers.

The Riverfly Partnership has produced pdficon.gif icon this fascinating presentation (4.2Mb) about the importance of riverflies for the health of rivers and for wildlife.

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