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Morag Angus
The Exmoor Mires Partnership has an office in Dulverton above the National Park Centre in the heart of the town

Address: 7-9 Fore Street, Dulverton, Somerset, TA22 9EX.

Telephone: 01398 324491

Email: exmoormires@gmail.com

The Exmoor Mires Partnership team are:

Morag Angus - Partnership Manager 

Conrad Barrowclough - Project Officer

Martin Gillard - Historic Environment Officer

Also part of the project team are the University of Exeter researchers who are undertaking the hydrological, greenhouse gas exchange and agricultural monitoring work for the project. They consist of:

Dr Emilie Grand-Clement - Overview of Water Quality Monitoring across all Upstream Thinking Projects

Dr David Luscombe  - Hydrology

Dr Naomi Gatis  - Green House Gases

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