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What's happening now

image depicting Spooners wooden block being installed
Spooners wooden block being installed
3000ha is the target area of moorland to be restored on Exmoor.

Since the 1990s when restoration began on Exmoor the following has been achieved:

  • Total area surveyed = 3,362ha
  • Total ditch length surveyed = 246,590m
  • Total area restored = 1948ha
  • Total ditch length blocked = 195,097m
  • Total number of ditch blocks installed = 22,345

Plans are under consideration for restoring a further 600ha by the end of March 2020. All proposed restoration areas can be viewed on our map pdficon.gif icon Exmoor Mires Project Restored and Possible Mire Sites (2.6Mb) .

Restoration Plans are produced for each individual site, found in our Document Library. The plans have a holistic approach to them, considering and integrating a range of topics from survey data, moorland farming, access, landscape and the historic environment. All plans go through a consultation process that includes the land owner, land manager and other stakeholders which then help to inform the final restoration plan.

The actual practical work is carried out by local Contractors and volunteers who have a wealth of experience in such work.

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