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History of peat

image depicting Chris Packham investigates peat at Blackpitts
Chris Packham investigates peat at Blackpitts
On Exmoor a blanket of peat which is over a metre deep in places covers the central moorland.

This has been formed over the last 3,000-5000 years by peat-accumulating mire habitats such as blanket bogs, valley bogs and fens.

The most common mire type on Exmoor is blanket bog, with over 30km2 present. Globally this is a scarce habitat with a unique association of plants and animals; 20 per cent of the world's total resource occurs within the UK.

The central Exmoor blanket bog has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Status due to its importance nationally and internationally on the south west climatic edge of the blanket bog area in the UK.

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